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Random notes from a crafts dilettante

8/11/13 06:21 pm - Old beadwork

This is one of Margo Fields beautiful floral designs. I love how delicate and intricate they are, interesting to work up, but good lighting is crucial for the tiny size 15 beads.

Blue Flower

This set is quite geometric for one of Margo's designs and was very fun to make.

Teal Box

2/18/13 09:03 pm - Beaded Brooches

Periwinkle Pearls

I took a class in setting cabochons in bead frames, and had too much fun, especially after finding local glass workers and dichroic glass pieces.

Turqoise Dichroic

11/18/12 09:50 pm - A Halloween Biscornu, and more


I've been doing small Halloween themed embroidery a lot this year. The embroidery is fun but I have trouble deciding what to do with the bits and pieces. I have been experimenting with short, wide mason jars but am not yet happy with the mounting technique.
Jar 1

This was a small multisided pumpkin from a French design Citrouille from gazette94.

9/29/12 02:35 pm - Bracelets

A series of bracelets done with square or triangular beads, still showing my fondness for iris bead colors.

Braided Bracelet

Feathered Diamonds


These were all from Margo Field classes.

9/20/12 07:30 pm - Biscornu Galore

Cat Side

Camel Side
Two sides of an Egyptian biscornu pattern I found online in Russian, I think the designer is
Tatiana Khabarovsk. I was just finishing up the last bits on the camel side when I realized that the camels were Bactrian (2 hump) rather than Dromedary (1 hump) which is what they have in Egypt. So I just filled in the space a bit to convert them. I really love it, but my sister tried to sneak it into a pocket when I showed it to her, and looked all sad and Christmasy when I took it back, so I don't know how long I'll have custody.

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl 2
My friend MA brought me a book of biscornu by Bobbie Watts, and this was her favorite. The bit of bead accent was fun. We spent an afternoon digging through the button box for the lovely pearl buttons. Originally my buttons lived in the classic old fruit cake tin. After a few decades and several inheritances it occupies a 10"x12"x14" plastic tub. I think the oldest were from my grandmother's button collection.

9/5/12 08:39 pm - Last Ornaments

I love how these ornaments hold their shape just from the bead technique, and the way the crystals set them off. Paula Adams ornament patterns of course. (

This is one of my favorites, with a spiralling ridge and elegant shape. I used a graduated set of colors all around in stripes of coppers and browns, which sadly don't photograph as well as it looks in person.

8/28/12 05:36 pm - Bubonicon 44

ancient spacer

Bubonicon ( was this last weekend, the local science fiction convention. It's always fun and we seem to have more than our fair share of authors in the area, very cool. We were thrilled that the Artist Guest was Ursula Vernon, a great favorite of ours ( This year the theme was The End of the World/Mayan-Punk. Finding nothing on TV this summer to listen to while sewing, I ended up watching a lot of the really dreadful Ancient Aliens. This tangled around in my head with the Bubonicon theme and we came up with an entry for the costume contest. So here is the girl in Ancient Alien Mayan Apocalypse:

title or description

title or description

She got a prize for being most in tune with the theme, which was exactly what we were going for, so we are very happy.

8/23/12 10:34 pm - Beads and more

title or description
This was from one of Margo's classes. There was a flower option and this cattail style. We have always loved cattails since growing up in South Dakota so that's what I chose. I was especially happy with the way the misty water came out.

title or description
Margo sometimes adds other supplies into her beadwork projects. These had soft suede bases to work the beads against. I loved the construction of the first one, aptly named the Tulip Bag.

title or description
I loved the beaded wings on this one and was happy to find turquoise colored beads to go with the suede. I love graduated color effects but the range of turquoise colored beads is sometimes rather limited.

8/20/12 08:12 pm - Hieroglyphic Cross Stitch

I was interested in doing some name-in-hieroglyphics cross stitch pieces. I had to create most of the hieroglyph patterns first though, and then mixed in some elements from other Egyptian patterns. I outlined the Eyes with glow-in-the-dark thread. It's pretty much the color of the fabric and doesn't show at all until the lights go out. They are gifts for people who enjoy Egyptian art as much as we do.

A name piece for my friend Daryl. In gold are his name consonants, and the Eye is because that's how we met. He has an Eye of Horus tattoo on his arm and I have an Eye sticker on my car.

In addition to the M-L-S consonants of my niece's name I added a honeybee, that being what her name means. The asymetry looks good, which is lucky because it turns out I can't count for beans, a real handicap with counted cross stitch.

8/11/12 10:47 am - Piney woods Xmas

title or description
The pine cone and the tree are related in construction, fun to work and satisfying in result. These are all more Paula Adams designs.

title or description

title or description
This piece is gorgeous in person with it's three lobed basket of poinsettias. It had the weirdest construction technique we ever did in it.

title or description
The bell is covered with crystals and has a swinging crystal clapper. I made some earings of just the bow at the top which came out well, too.
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